Here are a few key online marketing trends expected to become a little more mainstream throughout 2016 which I will be helping my clients with, and thought may be of interest to you

1. Mobile Internet is King!

In 2015 the number of mobile internet users surpassed that of those using a desktop computer.

In London particularly you can’t walk down a street without seeing people with their heads buried in their phones, and children under 5 can navigate iPads quicker than adults.

So… is your web site mobile friendly and fit for purpose?

2. Mobile Search

Mobile has already eclipsed desktop to become the primary computer screen for many people, and marketing opportunities are rapidly evolving to keep up with that crucial change.

When Google began favouring mobile optimised sites, brands with ‘responsive’ designed web sites saw a boost in search results.  People are literally living, working, and exploring on mobile, and in the process this is giving businesses the opportunity to interact.

So… is your web site ‘responsive’?

3. Social Search

We’ll see easier search capabilities within social media too, which is crucial as more mobile users check social channels to find suggestions about nearby businesses.

Companies will be able to incorporate more searchable information like location, hours, price range, and specific services offered into their social profiles to lead customers to their pages.

With 2.2 billion active users across social media channels it is a crucial part of your marketing – now more than ever.

So… is your social media up to date and active?

4. Marketing Personalisation

Rather than continuing to cast a wide net with marketing campaigns in the hope of reeling in a few customers, it is easier now to get increasingly personal and targeted.

The wealth of customer data available and automation gives businesses the chance to deliver that personalisation at scale.

Mobile savvy users have become accustomed to increasingly personalised, valuable messaging, and as with everything over time they’ll continue to expect it.

So… have you really reached your full audience?

5. Mobile Video Adverts

Video adverts on social media will become more prominent this year, especially those under 15 seconds (long enough to convey a message, but short enough to hold a user’s attention).

Google will also start to incorporate video adverts in search results.

Facebook is opening up auto play video to apps within its ‘Audience Network’, so users logged into Facebook will see those adverts in other apps as well.

Twitter is getting in on the act too with people increasingly using GIF images in tweets.

And last but by no means least don’t forget Instagram – the fastest growing mainstream social network! If you’re not on it, you need to be.

So… have you thought about how you could bring your business to life with video?

If you need any help or guidance on these topics please contact us.