The show must go on…

Well, someone has to remain positive!

As the Prime Minister is forced to order another national lockdown, instructing people to stay at home to control the virus, protect the NHS and save lives – the majority of businesses once again find themselves permanently working from home or sadly closed. Now more than ever, we need to be extremely vigilant whilst navigating the ongoing effects of COVID-19, and send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to those affected.

Many businesses will undoubtedly be concerned about how the year ahead will look

Many elements of business and daily life are being challenged to breaking point. Although the situation we find ourselves in is far from ideal, it is somewhat refreshing to see that within less than a year, many businesses have been able to adapt and embrace different ways to keep their businesses alive. And regardless of lockdown measures, it is likely that remote working practices will continue and even become a permanent arrangement for businesses that have seen benefits and discovered efficiencies. We’ve certainly heard of many larger businesses creating a permanent ‘work from anywhere’ culture.

People are spending more time online

Home is once again our workspace, classrooms and staff canteen. Through effective messaging and communication, brands can increase their presence by entering this space with digital messages.

There are a lot of positive things you can do to keep your brand visible and relevant online through this unprecedented and difficult time. Even if your business has had to temporarily close, don’t let your customers forget you.

Connect with customers in a time of crisis. Your brand has arguably never been more important

Home internet usage has increased dramatically over the last 10 months and social media accounts in particular are being accessed more than ever. More than anything this is for contact purposes, and in many cases is now a preferred form of communication.

When we designed exhibition stands and organised events for clients, a large amount of budget was always set aside for this activity. We miss these events dearly, when we all greeted each other with a shake of the hand (who remembers that?!). Right now, and rightly so, we are seeing businesses invest more in their digital communications at a much less significant cost, strengthening their brand and widening their audience.

Our commitment to you: We’re here to support your business communications when you need it most

We’ve adapted our creative approach in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and for many clients the digital profile is in some cases now their biggest brand touch point.

We are standing by to assist you, fully committed to supporting your business every minute of the day – to help maintain and grow your presence during this difficult period. Amongst all the great unknowns we truly believe now is a chance for your brand to shine.

What’s on your to do list this year? Are there any opportunities you’re looking forward to exploring that we could help with? Please see what we do and feel free to get in touch for one of those ‘virtual coffees’ on 020 3675 2424.

Thank you to our existing clients for your continued support. We’re working on some really exciting projects and pitches right now, that once we’re over this hurdle will be amazing to showcase.

Things will get better. We wish you all a happy, and most importantly, healthy 2021.