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BrandBrown is a boutique activity-led creative in-house marketing communications agency designed to provide businesses with a dedicated marketing support function, without employing a full-time marketing manager.

We are champions of flexible working and have seen the marketing landscape change rapidly during the past 10 years. Whilst many marketing agencies work independently from a distance, we act as the communications and marketing function for many businesses on an ongoing retained basis. BrandBrown has built a reputation as a modern in-house marketing agency which provides businesses with a fully managed marketing service.

With 20 years hands-on experience delivering ever-evolving marketing solutions, we’ve learnt what does and doesn’t work.

Based in London, BrandBrown are responsible for leading the marketing operations of successful SME businesses throughout the UK, defining and implementing their marketing strategy. Working as part of your team, our goal is to always put your business at the heart of your target audience.

We provide businesses with affordable and effective marketing support through a combination of modern and traditional techniques that includes brand building, communications support, print design, digital design, public relations and social media activity, to name but a few areas of expertise.

We can take your business to the next level

Marketing has evolved at a great pace in recent years, but continues more than ever to be a vital central function for all growing businesses. Our model offers time-poor businesses with a cost-effective solution that champions the benefits of flexible working – an area where we are proud to have been ahead of the times.

Brand Brown was created to be a best of breed flexible marketing agency, that supports entrepreneurial and forward-thinking companies across the UK. Robert Brown founded the business after identifying a gap between the client and agency relationship – and his enthusiasm and passion for marketing is the driving force behind BrandBrown. 

We work with both long-established and start-up businesses.

For a fixed monthly fee we manage all of your marketing and communications needs. We don’t turn away one-off projects but ideally we like to work with businesses longer-term on a retained basis to help your business grow. This allows us to get to know your business and add greater value – ultimately increasing brand awareness, regular communications and ensuring a consistent presence.

Our personal commitment to you.

Our focus has always been 'client-first' and we promise to deliver the very best service, working with you in whatever way suits your business. Today our flexible model is no different from the day we started – providing creativity, expertise, flexibility and reliability in equal measure as our clients will testify.

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